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Signature of Applicant Date Is additional information relative to change of name use of an assumed name or nickname necessary to enable a check on your school and/or work record o NO If yes please indicate here Entered By DO NOT WRITE BELOW - FOR HUMAN RESOURCES USE CPT/D LEAVE THIS SPACE BLANK o Approved By o Conditional JCC Dispo Fee Vet / Paid Date Received o Disapproved Section 7 Page 4 Form XD10 Revised 8/2011 Page 1 DESCRIPTION OF EXPERIENCE BACKGROUND EDUCATION AND TRAINING ALL...
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Who needs an XD10 Form?

An XD10 Form is the Westchester County Department of Human Resources form, also called An Application for Examination/ Employment. The form should be completed by employees and applicants who want to take part in the competitive examination.

When is the Application for Examination/ Employment due?

The form may should be filled out when the necessity arises; it does not have a particular expiration date. However, all the guidelines indicated in the examination announcement must be followed, including the deadline for application submission.

Is the XD10 Application for examination/ Employment accompanied by any other forms?

Depending upon the applicant’s circumstances, several attachments may be required:

  • in case the examinee needs test accommodation, an appropriate written request must be attached;

  • if the applicant is not able to attend the written test on the specified date, appropriate documentation should be attached as a proof.

Cases that may also require supporting documentation are indicated in page 4 of the XD10 and include:

  • if the applicant is a discharged veteran, he should provide a copy of his DD214 discharge papers.

  • if the applicant is an Armed Forces member on active duty, he should furnish his Military ID, Military orders, or equivalent Military document to serve as evidence of active duty status.  

  • if the applicant doesn’t receive exam admission notice prior to the exam by mail, he should bring his photo ID to be admitted to the exam.

The payment of the exam fee by check or money order can be sent along with the completed form.

How to fill out the XD10 Application Form?

Applicants filling out the Application for Examination/ Employment should read the instructions on the last page of the form.

Where do I send the completed XD10 Application for Examination/ Employment form?

Having filled the form out and prepared all the necessary documentation, the applicant must direct the documents, including the fee payment, to the Recruitment & Selection Unit, Westchester County Department of Human Resources. The address is 148 Martine Avenue, Suite 100, White Plains, New York 10601.

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